Neuron ESB announced its SAP ERP Connector

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Neuron ESB is an easy-to-use enterprise service bus which is primarily an application, service and workflow integration platform has announced its SAP ERP Connector. With this Neuron ESB SAP ERP connector which supports wide range of interaction scenario, users are allowed to seamlessly connect SAP to SAP Dynamics, Salesforce or any third party application.

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If you dont know what is SAP ERP connector, let me tell you. SAP ERP connector allows connection to a specific app server or a message server. This connector works with SAP user accounts and their entitlements. IWB which is a provider  of energy infrastructure and utility services is already using SAP ERP connector to integrate MS CRM and Sharepoint with SAP. Their Microsoft Application Specialist said in an interview –  “We have a complex infrastructure that blends on-premise solutions with online services such as CRM Online and Azure Services for custom applications. It’s critical for our IT staff to provide .NET integrations quickly and effectively – and we rely on Neuron ESB to simplify and accelerate the development process.”
More can be read at their official website –


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