Kloudless gets Universal CRM Integration

Photo – getrefe.com
Sourced from Press Release

Kloudless the Berkeley based company which provides many solutions and services that enables applications to connect to each other, last week introduced their Universal CRM API. This new API would provide many features as it allows the developers to create and embed integration with CRM products. 

Eliot Sun, the Kloudless CEO said in a press release that – “For many companies, an agile integration strategy is an important part their ability to innovate and scale quickly to meet customer demands. These strategies are not limited to file storage services. We have resisted expanding our platform too quickly in order to ensure that we are not only supporting a breadth of services, but also providing deep functionality,” He fuhrer added “We are excited to take our experience in building our Universal File Storage API and supporting all kinds of developer use cases and extend that to offer our customers an easy way to integrate CRM services.”
This Universal CRM API which Kloudless has introduced have custom integrations with each CRM provider like Salesforce, Microsoft and many other CRM platform. This app is available as a SaaS but if also supports self hosting. More regarding this Universal API can be found at their official website  https://kloudless.com/crm-api.


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