Product Master in SAP CRM

In SAP CRM, product master is used to manage different types of products an organization uses for its business transaction. Products are goods which are the object of a company’s business activities. Products can be tangible, such as a PC, or intangible, such as services like PC maintenance.
There are 5 types of product in CRM, which are –

1. Materials – Materials are any tangible trading goods like television, laptop etc.  In ERP system it is known as Material Master(goods). Materials are basically created in ERP and then replicated to CRM system. But it is also possible to create materials in CRM and then replicate it to ERP system.
2. Services – Any thing related to service industry like maintenance or repair or providing need based service belong to this category.
3. Warranties – Warranty are generally product specific. It is a guarantee, issued to the purchaser of an article by its manufacturer, promising to repair or replace
4. Financing – Any finance related or renting objects like taxi hire belong to this category.  This is industry specific materials.
5. IP (Intellectual Properties) – Like financing, IP is also industry specific. It is mainly used in media industry for example – copyright.

Structure of CRM product master

Basically CRM product master is a collection or arrangement of various set types that contain specific data. The structure of SAP CRM can be understood by following figure.

Relationship of products

Accessories relationship plays a very big role in CRM product catalog. Product proposals can be made to the customer to boost internet sale. If a customer adds a product to shopping cart, additional product can be suggested to the customer via the relationship “has accessories”. Some of the other relationship types are – Financed by
Content provider

Creating a product in SAP CRM

Tcode for product master in sap crm is – commpr01

We will be creating a new product in the material category. So, we will select material.There are many set of base categories available. We will select one of them as click on continue.

Give a short name and description for your product. In basic data for category, Select “Norm” in Item category. “Norm” is used for sales item. Select Division for the product. Select a base unit for we are EA which stands for ‘each’.

In Sales and distribution tab, assign the name or sales organization and division for your product.

For pricing and condition, go to Conditions tab. In condition tab, click on the price conditions button and select Price.

Select the Sales organization, price for the product and currency. Save the entry.

Your new product has been created in SAP CRM.

Now, we can define relationship for the product also. There are many relationship you can maintain. In this example I have provided a simple example of manufacturer.

This way you can create and maintain a product and its relationship.

Enhancing The Product Master

Various elements needed to enhance the product master are –

Set Types

The following picture explains these elements used in enhancing the product master.

Let’s know in detail about these elements.

Categories and Product Hierarchies –

Categories and hierarchies are used to group products and individual objects according to different criteria. The purpose of a hierarchy will depend on the business criteria involved and your company’s requirements.

A hierarchy can be multi-level and be used for control or informative purposes.

Categories are arranged in hierarchies. All lower-level categories inherit the product type and the set types of the higher-level category. Additional set types can be assigned to lower-level categories.

An example is shown below:

Set Types and Attributes 

Attributes are used for describing a product or individual object. They are combined in set types and saved there. A set is a specific instance of a set type. Set types are stored in the system as database tables. Using set types makes possible a detailed modeling of products and individual objects in the system.

Certain set types (SAP standard set types) are predefined in the standard system. If these are not sufficient for your purposes, you can also define your own set types and assign attributes to them. You can use both the attributes predefined in the standard system for this, as well as attributes you have defined yourself (including your own value ranges). However, it is not possible to assign your own attributes to the standard set types delivered by SAP.

Set types are defined for use in product and object maintenance. A set type is only permitted for a product or individual object if it assigned to the category that you subsequently assign the product or individual object to.

In product / object maintenance, the permitted set types appear in the individual views (that is, tab pages) of a product / individual object as shown in the following graphic:

Maintaining Set types and attributes.
Go to tcode – comm_attrset 
Select Attribute first, give it a short name. and click on “create” button.

Make two or three attributes for your single product, like your product number and model number of laptop could be the two attributes.

Now, select Set type. Set types are used for grouping the attributes together. Give a name and then click on create button. In the definition section of set type, give a description, select material.

Go to Assigned attribute tabs, select the attributes you have created earlier. Save the entry.

Now your set types and attributes has been created. 
Configuration of Categories and Hierarchies. 
Use the tcode – comm_ hierarchy for hierarchies.
Give a new name and description for your hierarchy.

Create a new category with a name and description.

Under category data, maintain all the relevant field. Add your set type created earlier in this field. View Id should be Basic.

Now your new category and hierarchy are maintained.

If you want to use this category and hierarchy in Product Master, you can do so by going to that particular product. Under Product Categories field, search for the hierarchy and save the entry.

Once you have saved the entry, under General tab the new category will be visible.

This was all the basics about Product master in SAP CRM 


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