Mail Forms


What is a Mail Form

Mail Form

The mail form is the template for the mail that is sent. Personalized emails can be used to send marketing information to the target group of customers. Through mail form, we can create mail and send it to our preferred target groups.

For configuring mail form, go to Marketing – Create – Mailforms.

Mailform uses BTF Editor. The editor provides a design view for maintaining and formatting emails. This is how mail form editor looks like.

Now if we closely look at the header, there is a mail form id, in which you can give the new id for mail forms. In subject, you personalize the subject by providing attributes for first name or last name of whatever attribute you want to appear in the subject of your mail. I have chosen here Name as attribute. To choose attribute, Click on Insert Attribute – Variables – Attribute – Select your attribute from list of attributes.

The final format of the subject looks like this. It is a personalized mail where “%SAP_A1” will be replaced by the name of business partners.

The body of mail looks like this. With the help of tools available like pictures, attributes and hyperlinks you can personalize your email.

For sending this personalized email, click on Test Send and preview.

Select the business partner, sender and receiver emails and click on Send button. 

Once the test send function is used the mail is sent to the outbound Q and can be checked in transaction SOST. This was all the basics about Mail forms.

In next post we will see about how to configure Marketing Plan. 


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