External List Management

External List Management.

External List Management.
For external list management, we upload a list provided by third party to crm database and then map the data. Steps for External list management are 
Suppose we have to upload a list with xyz file name containing list of prospect customer with whom company wants to interact. We will first fetch that excel file containing all the information.

Save that excel file with tab delimited extension.

Now go to marketing professional. Under Marketing, Select create mapping format.

Give a new ID and name to your mapping format. Upload the excel file which you have.

Choose the option Tabulator Delimiter, In Target field filter select Person and hit Refresh button.

Field mapping will be populated.

Now, Map the all the attributes according to their names. Like First name should be mapped to the First Name target field. For mapping, select both the field and click on the Map button.

Now mapping is completed. Click on back button.

Save this mapping format.

Your newly created mapping format is saved. 
External List Management 
To create a external list, Go to Marketing, Create – External List.

Give a new Id and description. Select your mapping format. Select End of use of date for this data. 

In Process steps, upload the same excel file which you used during mapping of the external data. Select “Add to new target group” so that a new target group is created. Select the options for processing of steps. You can schedule it for later or select Start Intermediately.

Click on Start button.

Your new External list is created and a target group is also set. 
Now in the next post we will see how we create a mail form. 


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