Partner Processing in SAP CRM


In any business transaction like lead, sales order or service order.. If we enter the customer Id, then the system will automatically try to find all the partners involved with that particular transaction. System try to find the partners involve by a procedure called Partner determination procedure. PDP is a procedure where we combine partner functions and access sequence, so that system automatically finds the partner involved during a transaction.

There are two main concept which we need to keep in mind while defining PDP,

Partner Functions – Partner functions are generally the persone with whom we do business. This can be an employee, customer or any other.

Access Sequence – It is a search strategy a system uses to find for a partner function automatically during a transaction.

Defining Partner Function.

For partner function, go to SPRO > IMG > CRM > Basic Functions > Partner Processing > Define Partner Functions.

This is the screen it will look like. Select the new entry from the top to make a new partner function, or you can just copy from the standard available there.

You can look for function category, decide and select what function category you want for the partner function you are going to define. Suppose If I want to make a partner function by the name Regional Manager. the function category for this would be employee. If you cannot find any respective function category, then you can use Undefined partner for that.

Select CRM in usage option.

Now, you can select the relationship category from the standard defined in the system for the partner function. If you want you can also create your own relationship category.

Your new partner function is created. Save the entry.

Creating a new relationship category.

There are many relationship category standard defined already there in system. But If you want to create a new one, you can do so. Go to tcode BUBA.

Suppose you want to create a new relationship category for Employee, Select the BUR011 which is standard for employee responsible. Click on copy as.

Make the entry for the relationship category you want to have.

Now your relationship category has been created.
You can change the relationship category in the partner function which was created earlier.

Partner Determination Procedure.

We have to define PDP in a transaction like sales order(TA), so that when a new transaction is created, the system will find partner functions according to this.

For defining a partner function, we will use the Standard Item for sales.

Select the standard item and click on “copy as”.

Give a new name to your partner function procedure and save the entry.Select the newly created pdp and go to partner functions in procedure. You will find a list of all the partner functions available.

Now if you want to include your earlier created partner function in this pdp, you can do so by clicking on New Entry.

Here you will see a drop down box from which you can select your partner function. Here a thing you need to keep in mind. The partner function you just created wont reflect in the system, For this you have to log off the system and log in again. This is a common error across all sap crm system.

Select the Partner function you just created which you want to appear in the transaction. Select the proper access sequence for the partner function and save the entry.
Your new PDP has been created.


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