Text determination in SAP CRM

Steps How to configure Text determination Procedure

In SAP CRM the system captures data automatically for a business transaction but there are some instances where text instructions need to be added to clarify some requirements. Using Text Determinaton procedure, it is possible for user to maintain some textual information for several objects like business partner, product, product catalog etc. These texts should be entered when the document is being created.

Steps to configure Text determination Procedure

For this we have to define Text objects and Types, in case the Text objects and types are not there in the SAP CRM. Text types are nothing but it is a text container. SAP CRM provides a long list of test types, but if you want to create a new one, you can do so easily.

For creating a new text type, 
Go to SPRO > IMG > CRM > Basic Functions > Text Management > Define Text Objects and text types. Choose Text objects and ID.

Select the text object CRM_ORDERH, this is standard for transaction header.

You will find a exhaustive list of text types under CRM_ORDERH, But if your require some other text type, make a new entry here by clicking on create button and save the entry. A new text type will be created.

Now, Steps for Text Determination :

Go to SPRO > IMG > CRM > Basic Functions > Text Management > Define Text Determination Procedure.

Define Text object, Select CRM_ORDERH Which is standard for transaction header.

Select CRM_ORDERH and go to Procedure. Click on any transaction type you want to do text determination. Here we are taking an example of Sales Transaction, so we will select ORDER001, which is standard for sales.  Select a default procedure Order001.

Select ORDER001 and go Defination of procedure.Here you will see a list of all the text types which are already avialable there. If you want to add any other text type as per your requirements, go to New Entry.

Select any available text type from a list of text types in the system or choose one which you have created. Give it a sequence number and save the entry.

Your new Text type should be added there in the defination of procedure. You can make any text obligatory text by choosing the option given there.

This explains basics of Text Determination in SAP CRM


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