Date Management in SAP CRM


In SAP CRM it is possible to process dates which are relevant to the business transaction. With Date Management we can do this. The date management procedure mainly consists of –

Date type. – A date is a defined time period which consist of a start and end time. For example valid from dates, valid to dates, cancellation dates etc.

Duration. – A time frame between two points in a time is duration.

Date rule. – A rule or method for calculating time is called date rule.

Date Profile – Date profile on the whole controls which date type, rule and durations should be used and defined for a particular transaction. 

Steps for configuring date management 
First we need to configure or set our date type, rule and duration. For this go to Spro > CRM > Basic Functions > Date Management >Define Date types, rules and durations.
Set the date type, by selecting new entry or just use the existing one.

Set the duration by using New Entries, you can also make copy of the existing duration or simply use the existing duration available in the system. Your choice is totally based on your requirements.

Set the date rule as per your requirements. Make a new entry from the option above and set the date rule.

Date Profile 

Now, for creating a date profile, we have to go to Spro > CRM > Basic Functions > Date Management > Define date profile.

We are taking the example of sales order, so we will be configuring the date profile for sales order transaction. Choose sales order.

Go to date rule and select the date rule as per requirement. Save the entry.

You can select as many date rule you want to appear in the transaction, as per your requirements.

Now configuring date types is bit tricky. Go to date type, if you want to add another date type other than the existing one, select New Entry.

A new screen will come up for the new entry. Select the date type you want to use and for that type, select the date rule you want to apply. You can select the date and time format from the option given there.

In this way, you can configure the date profile. 


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