What is ERP? 

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is basically a business management software which are a collection of integrated application use to manage all the business activity of a company like product planning, sales, service, inventory management, marketing, shipping and payment.

What are benefits of  ERP?

There are many benefits of using a ERP software. some of them can be –
1. Provides an integrated suite for all the business activity.
2. All the data regarding a business activiy is stored in a single database.
3. It improves overall performance of the business.
4. With ERP, it is easier to provide a quality customer service.
5. Sales process becomes really fast and organized.
6. It supports overall business growth.
7. Better planning, tracking and forecasting of requirements.
8. A better reporting system.
9. More accurate, consistent and secure data.
10. Helpful for globally dispersed company. makes their business much easier.

What is SAP?

SAP, the company was founded in 1972 by Wellenreuther, Hopp, Hector, Plattner and Tschira in Walldorf, Germany. SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. SAP provides client/server business solutions all over the world. It is a ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) software, which consist of fully integrated modules, which covers all the aspect of the business.

SAP is the biggest ERP software in the market today. SAP has more than 200,000 installations worldwide. Other ERP in the market are – Oracle, Microsoft, Peoplesoft, Marshall, Baan etc.

What is SAP R/3?

SAP R/3 basically stands for real time three tier architecture. In the name, SAP R/3, R stands for real time and 3 stands for three-tier client/server architecture. The three layers are Database Layer, Application Layer and Presentation Layer. All the data are stored in the database, it is then processed in the application layer on the application servers and the last layer, SAP GUI which is the presentation layer is basically the front end which is the interface to the user. All the layers are connected to each other with networks. The picture explains SAP R/3 layers.

What is SAP ECC

SAP  ECC is a version name for SAP ERP,(ERP Central Component). It is one of the SAP business suite application. SAP ECC is basically an enterprise resource planning software which consists in several modules that provide the organizations with great control over their key business processes. 

What are the advantages of SAP ERP?

1. Flexibility and customized solution
2. Integration with other modules.
3. Easier sales order processing and reduction in costs.
4. Increase investment potential
5. Reduced time to calculate selling price.
6. Reduced order-to-delivery time.
7.Reduced delivery-to-invoice time.
8. Accurate & timely information.
9. Increased revenues.
10. Reduced loss of revenue due to items being out-of-stock.
11. Increases customer satisfaction due to the higher availability of products.
12. Reduction in distribution costs.
13. Reduction in freight costs.

What are Advantages of SAP R/3

The sole purpose of an R/3 system is to provide a suite of tightly integrated, large-scale business applications.The standard set of applications delivered with each R/3 system are the following:

PP (Production Planning)
MM (Materials Management)
SD (Sales and Distribution)
FI (Financial Accounting)
CO (Controlling)
AM (Fixed Assets Management)
PS (Project System)
WF (Workflow)
IS (Industry Solutions)
HR (Human Resources)
PM (Plant Maintenance)
QM (Quality Management)
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

What is SAP CRM?

The SAP CRM application is an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) software manufactured by SAP SE that targets business software requirements of midsize and large organizations in all industries and sectors.

SAP CRM is a comprehensive solution for managing customer relationship. It focuses from marking to sales and service as well Customer Interaction Channels like Mobile, Customer Interaction Center (CIC) and Web Application.

There are basically three modules in SAP CRM

1. CRM Sales
2. CRM Service
3. CRM Marketing

The overview of SAP CRM can be understood by this picture.

What is SAP Netweaver ?

SAP NetWeaver is the primary technology computing platform of the software company SAP SE, and the technical foundation for many SAPapplications. It is a solution stack of SAP’s technology products.

Netweaver makes possible access of SAP data using simple http protocol or even mobile . This eliminates the need of installing and more importantly training in SAP’s client side software.The core capabilities of SAP NetWeaver are the integration of people, information, and process

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